How Do You Know If A Building Is Earthquake Safe?

Using the Department of Building and Safety website, you can easily check to see if your building is on that list. Just enter your address into the search tool and click on the “Soft-story Retrofit Program Information” button once your building's information appears.

Why do buildings collapse during the earthquake?

Most of the buildings are not safe enough to resist the vibration of the earthquakes. They are not made earthquake-proof. They collapse tearing apart due to shallow foundation and lack of adequate steel in the interior design. Was this answer helpful?

How do you know if a building is earthquake safe?

Using the Department of Building and Safety website, you can easily check to see if your building is on that list. Just enter your address into the search tool and click on the “Soft-story Retrofit Program Information” button once your building's information appears.

Why is there a shortage in semiconductors?

Chip shortage - less supply, more demand

A confluence of problems led to the semiconductor shortage. In addition to long-standing issues within the industry, such as insufficient capacity at semiconductor fabs, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced unprecedented challenges.

Why silicon is not produced in India?

This is due to multiple factors, including not just the lack of infrastructure and skilled labour in the country. It is also difficult to compete with neighbouring countries like China and Vietnam which have been favourite destinations for global chip manufacturers due to better cost-efficiency.

What makes a contract consideration?

Consideration is the advantage that all parties involved in the contractual agreement will receive. It involves trading a performance for a performance. A service, material item, or some other form of compensation must act as payment for the service or material item rendered.

Who won teacher of the Year?


YearPersonSchool and Location
2019Rodney RobinsonVirgie Binford Education Center, Richmond Virginia
2018Mandy ManningJoel E. Ferris High School, Spokane, Washington
2017Sydney ChaffeeCodman Academy Charter Public School, Boston, Massachusetts
2016Jahana HayesJohn F. Kennedy High School, Waterbury, Connecticut

Can consideration be waived?

When the consideration is something of value, usually both parties agree to the release and waiver agreement. However, if the consideration is deemed less than acceptable, a court may determine that the contract was unenforceable.

Can India manufacture chips?

Over 2,000 chips are designed in India every year, with over 20,000 engineers involved in their design and verification. With proper support, such as preferential access to a domestic market, India could build a thriving, cutting-edge local fabless chip design industry, much like Israel's.

Does Tata Elxsi make semiconductors?

Group company Tata Elxsi is already into the business of semiconductor services that includes artificial intelligence tools and frameworks, design solutions, and development. The group has also begun setting up a greenfield electronics manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu.

What can be created nor destroyed?

The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed. In essence, energy can be converted from one form into another.

What is consideration in a contract example?

Anything of value promised by one party to the other when making a contract can be treated as "consideration": for example, if A signs a contract to buy a car from B for $5,000, A's consideration is the $5,000, and B's consideration is the car.

Does biology use a lot of math?

Biology can involve very little math, or be a field of mathematics itself, depending on your goals and interests. College level biology courses typically don't list math prerequisites directly. Graduate and professional work in biology requires advanced college level math classes.

Are time and entropy the same?

Entropy does not change with time, and entropy does not have a tendency to increase. It is very common to say that entropy increases towards its maximum at equilibrium.

Can you break the law of thermodynamics?

Put another way, situations that break the second law become much more probable. But the new experiment probed the uncertain middle ground between extremely small-scale systems and macroscopic systems and showed that the second law can also be consistently broken at micron scale, over time periods of up to two seconds.

What are rays in science?

Scientific definitions for ray

A thin line or narrow beam of light or other radiation. A geometric figure consisting of the part of a line that is on one side of a point on the line.

Is an agreement without consideration is void?

As per Sections 10 and 25 of the Indian Contract Act, the contract is void without consideration, hence the rule is “No consideration, no contract”. However, under Section 25 of the Contract Act, exceptions are mentioned whereby an agreement made without consideration will not be void.

Does consideration need to be money?

The concept of consideration has been adopted by other common law jurisdictions, including the US. Consideration can be anything of value (such as any goods, money, services, or promises of any of these), which each party gives as a quid pro quo to support their side of the bargain.

What is open source software Mcq?

Open source software is computer software whose source code is freely available on the internet and can be modified by programmers to provide new features and capabilities.

What is the importance of logic to students?

Logical thinking is an essential problem-solving skill that we want students to develop for mathematical reasoning and real-life experiences. Logical thinking is best described as being sequential. To think logically about something means to think about it in steps. Math is a highly sequential process.

Can a certificate get you a job?

Earning a certificate can help you get a job in your desired field or advance in your career. You might also earn a certificate to prepare for an associate or bachelor's degree or to supplement your current degree. Some jobs and states require a particular certification to get hired in that field.

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